Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Think The North Koreans Zapped Me!

Well, the monitor on my IBM Thinkpad seems to have blanked out for some reason, although the computer is still running otherwise. I had recently found out that North Korea has a new Facebook page, and a new Twitter page, so I checked those out, and a day or so later my screen basically blacked out! I talked to a computer tech at a store by my work, and he seems to think some inverter or something probably just burned out with age. I myself am still suspicious of the North Koreans, although he's probably right (you never know!). Now, I'm in the process of finding a monitor somewhere to hook up to the Thinkpad (see, Willowtree, we really are the same person, just like I claimed before!). Fortunately, I have a nicer laptop my brother bought for me a few years ago, that I never use (because I like my Thinkpad so much!), but that's Wi-Fi compatible, and I was just using dial-up on the ol' Thinkpad; and I'm having a heck of a time downloading the dial-up software for the latest laptop (dial-up; which no one in America probably is using anymore besides me - so I really need to get with the times!). Hopefully, I'll have this thing resolved soon though, in some matter or fashion! Stay Tuned!