Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day

I just finished watching PBS's American Experience series, this one on Earth Day and the environment. It was a well produced documentary, very colorful, and it had sort of an IMAX quality to it in the variety of wide landscapes portrayed in the film. This Thursday, April 22, is Earth Day, and I think that this year, I will try to make note of it in someway, instead of just letting it pass by as usual. The natural environment is something we have all increasingly moved away from, both physically as well as mentally, but it really is critical to our ultimate survival. Just look at the power of the Iceland volcano, a natural occurrence, and then imagine the pollution that we pump into the air on a daily basis. Nature is both powerful as well as delicate, and the earth, as seen from outer space, really does seem to be a living entity, with its swirling clouds and blue oceans in which another whole universe of life exists. It's been given into our hands to protect such a world, as no other species has the capability of doing so, so we should all do whatever we can to protect our natural world. The miracle of life itself is all around us, everyday, and yet we usually pass over it without much thought. Yes, this year I think I will do something in commemoration of Earth Day, whether it be visiting a park or perhaps planting a tree. Or maybe, just hugging one.