Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm Back, People!

I am back again. School is out for the summer, so I now have a little more time to do things like read for self-edification and to write more in the the old blog. I've been working on several things recently; understanding the early life of Jesus and possible influences (such as the Essenes and Theraputae), reading up on the linkeage between the UFO phenomenon and world folklore (very interesting!) as well as trying to develop a truly interesting thesis topic that will incorporate deep interests. And, making note of the ever increasing fascism that is encroaching upon the land (a fascinating series of articles on the so-called "Christian" component of this phenomenon was in the May 2005 issue of Harper's). Since we know from the last election that slightly over 50% of Americans can be deemed to be "sheeple", i.e. able to be led in almost any direction provided fed a sufficient amount of garbage first, it just seems that we are increasingly becoming set up for social disaster, just as the complacent citizens of early 1930's Germany were. When I think of the sheeple, I tend to believe that Nietzsche's elitism was right in many respects, to my ambivalent regret. If aproximately 1 out of every 2 indivduals in this country is basically a complete dolt, what hope do we have? The theo-fascists simply organize their sheeple into a bleating bloc, and the atomized 49% remainder cry out from their multitudinous mini-groups, liberals, anarchists, misanthropes, Star Wars nerds, Count Chocula cereal buffs, Francophiles, and so on, inneffectually wailing and gnashing their teeth.

What's really hilarious though, is that the fascists actually try to label these other groups "fascists". So you have Drudge, a true brownshirt, calling liberal members of Congress fascists, as well as entertainers and the media, you have the local radio host "Gunny Bob" ( a Denver ex-military/post-apocalyptic wannabe, apparently fascinated by weaponry) calling members of government fascist, and so on. Michele Malkin, Anne Coulter, the above named, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, all who realize who the true fascists are. They know it is they. And so as of late, in typical fascist fashion, they attempt to reapply what they truly are upon their opponents, in a transparent fashion where everyone (or at least that 49%) can see what is being attempted. They promote notions such as: evolution being out; intelligent design being in. Dinosaurs? Now they're called "Jesus Horses", silly! That is of course, if you follow the lies of this current, babbling trend, promoted by these liars as well as that man and his cronies at the top of the pyramid, a man who is so proud of being not so intelligent, not so bright! Science, who needs it? Intellectuals? What effetes! Just give me my six-pack, let me stick my thumb up my ass, and hook me up to the boob tube, so that Fox News can send into my veins that junk that feels so good; Michael Jackson, Liberals, We're Winning the War, Inflation's Down, Jobs Are Up, I Think I Saw Jesus Up on A Cloud (he was camouflaged out), and Turns Out, The Earth Really Is Flat! Well, I hope the sheeple like eating grass, 'cause when their last jobs go overseas forever, there ain't going to be much left over for them except for maybe a little grass to eat; but only if their gated-community overlords allow for a few left over plots for sheeple grazing, in the interests of law, order, and "just-us".