Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't Anybody Plug This Thing?

I think about this every single day. And I know that every single day, the overall situation gets worse. I don't think we're being told the entire situation. I've been hearing and reading things on the radio and internet indicating that the situation may be much worse than is being portrayed now. Some sources are indicating that the seabed is leaking oil in places. If this is true, then it can be assumed that the seabed could crack wide open and perhaps collapse, releasing unfathomable amounts of oil. I've been wondering as to why we can't/don't obstruct the flow of oil from this well, slowing down the rate of flow to a point where it could then be contained in a large container of some sort, and then siphoned up to the surface. This all seems to be a relatively simple concept. Think of a garden hose with a flow of water, that you obstruct with a bunch of dried leaves, or mud, gravel or so on. The flow of water begins to slow, and then it becomes possible to develop ways to contain that slower flow of water by building little mud dams, siphoning it away into containers, or any number of ways of managing the flow of water so that a leak can then be managed in some way.

Now, I'm beginning to think that if both the original drill pipe as well as the seabed have become corrupted and/or cracked, then it would make sense as to why they are not following such a relatively simple solution as I (and many others) have laid out above. The reason being that attempting to seriously block the flow of oil in order to slow the rate of flow, would lead to a major increase of pressure in both the possibly corrupted drill pipe as well as a potentially leaking seabed. A major increase in pressure in such circumstances, could be (even more) catastrophic. I think that this may be what is going on. If this is the case, we are essentially watching Kabuki theater for now; so-called attempts and solutions that are mainly for PR purposes, not actual fixes for the problem.

Why is the world community not offering any potential solutions to this problem? Are their ideas not being allowed into the discussion? Or, is it that those in the know, see the problem as I've laid out, and know that the whole thing is so unstable that even the so-called August (and I've also heard Christmas) relief wells may not solve the problem as we have been told that they would, and could even in fact, potentially make things much, much worse?

This is what happens when we let the lunatics run the asylum. This is why "market-forces" don't correct catastrophes, and this is why criminals such as those executives at BP who are responsible for this disaster, must always be regulated by rules and legislation that are in the public interest, an interest that also includes the ecological stability of the planet.