Sunday, November 29, 2009

One More Day

One more day of working on this thesis. That's good because I think I have about only one more day in me. On Monday I just have to make the appropriate number of copies, on the appropriate bond and plain paper, turn it in for binding, and that's it! Can you believe that I'm required to turn three copies in to the school (2 which are in bond paper, which was $25 for 500 sheets), and then pay to the school a binding fee of $15 per copy, or $45 total! And that's just for the school; if I want one or more bound copies for myself, it'll cost me an extra $15 per copy over and above what I must already provide to the school for posterity. This kind of reminds me of how executions work in China; if you are to be executed, you family must first purchase the bullets that are to do the job. It's probably too late to arrange a Chinese execution for myself now, so I'll most likely just have to pay the fees, and graduate.

I'm really looking forward to just having a job right now, and then not necessarily having to do anything after work, or on the weekends. I've really been neglecting my pursuit of Bigfoot, UFO Studies, Conspiracy Theories, and so on, and hope to catch up on some of these inane, nonsensical things, instead of having to be so serious all the time. Maybe just for a little while, at least.