Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Think The North Koreans Zapped Me!

Well, the monitor on my IBM Thinkpad seems to have blanked out for some reason, although the computer is still running otherwise. I had recently found out that North Korea has a new Facebook page, and a new Twitter page, so I checked those out, and a day or so later my screen basically blacked out! I talked to a computer tech at a store by my work, and he seems to think some inverter or something probably just burned out with age. I myself am still suspicious of the North Koreans, although he's probably right (you never know!). Now, I'm in the process of finding a monitor somewhere to hook up to the Thinkpad (see, Willowtree, we really are the same person, just like I claimed before!). Fortunately, I have a nicer laptop my brother bought for me a few years ago, that I never use (because I like my Thinkpad so much!), but that's Wi-Fi compatible, and I was just using dial-up on the ol' Thinkpad; and I'm having a heck of a time downloading the dial-up software for the latest laptop (dial-up; which no one in America probably is using anymore besides me - so I really need to get with the times!). Hopefully, I'll have this thing resolved soon though, in some matter or fashion! Stay Tuned!


Blogger Willowtree said...

Frank, looks like the times came and got you intead of waiting for you to catch up!
I still have my monitorless 4GB thinkpad hehe. I was was able to get an HP in May, it's quite nice, but I miss my Acer. It works - kinda. The fan has stopped, and I couldnt type without burning my fingers and thighs up, then finally it would just shut out. I miss it :). How's it going? Did you fix something up or did you bite he bullet and use the newer comp? Hehe I cant believe you remembered that I'd often have to fix up my thinkpad haha

8:04 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

"Frank, looks like the times came and got you instead of waiting for you to catch up!"

Ha! That's funny! I imagine me at my computer, and the spirit of "The Times" ("Zeigeist" in German) coming up, and just grabbing my shoulders and snatching me right on outta there!

I was about a week with out Internet access at home (shudder), then I went to the used PC store, and tech explained to me my issues and that I could hook up another monitor. They even sold me a used, old box-style monitor, for $1!. So I hooked that up, and now I'll just use my other Vista-based (bleeghh!) laptop from my brother for outside the house.

Is your HP a desktop or laptop? I think that Acer is a laptop, right?

2:42 PM  
Blogger Willowtree said...

This is a laptop, I dont think I could invest in a desktop again until I have a *home office* the ** represents my dream bubble. I'd totally settle for a desk! My workspace is one of the livingroom couches with a large portable file folder in front and the printer behind! It's quite a travesty.
This computer has Win7 - I dont know it doesnt seem to be that far of a leap from vista, but Im sure there's alot that can be done (according to those commercials)but, I havent seen/found those things yet hehe I look forward to it - congrats for a $1 monitor!
Question - have you ever written a letter to Thomas Pynchon? Im wondering if he would even have such an avenue of communication available. Im learning that my fave (lahiri) has similar tendecies!

3:49 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

No, I've never written a letter to Pynchon. His whole mystique lies around the fact that the issues he raises in his novels could be ground in many things, reality, the mind, a vague conspiracy, other forces; and so of course he won't answer letters and give away what he "really" thinks. I guess that's why essentially he's a recluse.

Being in NYC though, could you maybe contact Jhumpa after some visit by her to a Barnes & Noble, or some writer's board or other event where she's speaking some night? It might one way of making some contact with her. It's probably more of a longshot via the letter route (usually it's through the editor unless you have more direct access), although I'd certainly try that too.

1:05 AM  

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