Friday, October 15, 2010

UFO's Over NYC !!

The New York Daily News reported on Thursday 14, as did many other news outlets, of a mysterious UFO sighting over Manhattan on October 13, 2010, the day before. The article also mentions that a former NORAD officer recently published a book stating that UFO's would visit major world cities on October 13 of this year. Very interesting. It's all being explained away as party "balloons" which escaped up into the air. I didn't see it, so I don't know. The Daily News story has several comments posted at the end of the article; one of which I found to be very thought-provoking:

"For several years now, I've had the haunting suspicion/feeling that something like this (and most likely, this) was going to happen but on a much larger scale -- more UFOs at lower altitudes, worldwide. They're not from other planets/dimensions but are the reappearance of Archetypes of old which the ancients wrongly thought to be "gods." Bizarre sightings such as this, archetypes, manifest when humanity is soon to undergo an evolutionary transformation of humanitys' collective psyche. This evolutionary transformation is in man's mentality and moral nature. Obviously, that means that stock-brokers and bankers will not be included. This is most likely the "new heaven and new earth." With the stupid mess we have this world in, lets hope it is."
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This idea of archetypes goes back to the work of Carl Jung, student of Sigmund Freud and founder of his own field in the area of psychology. More on his work can be found here:. I have always been a big fan of Jung, and his autobiography, "Memories, Dreams and Reflections", was one of the most influential works I've ever read in my life. Whatever UFO's ultimately turn out to be, I think that the archetypes, the underlying symbol world of the unconscious, is something that has guided us from the beginning, and is at work even still today.