Friday, March 23, 2007

Uh Oh, Alberto!

What's he sayin', anything?

Very late on Friday (bad White House news is always released on late Friday afternoons in order to minimize the impact of it on the news cycle) it was reported that Abu Gonzalez, whose legal work was significant in what led to Abu Ghraib as well as the ongoing Guantanamo situation, approved the firing of the 8 Justice Department prosecutors who were either in the midst of investigating the nefarious deeds of the Bush Admin. and its allies, or in some cases would not play along with directives to go after Democrat targets as they were directed to. This seems big, because Alberto has already denied playing any direct role in this latest of the oh so many Bush Admin. fiascos. He has said, at least prior to now, that he would not resign, and Bush has already given him, " strongest backing - heh, heh. I like Alber-toe. He's a fine 'Merican, even if he is a Mexican - heh, heh", or something to that effect. I just can't see how he can weather this though, if the documents in question pertaining to the meeting in which the approvals occurred are thoroughly vetted. It seems almost incontrovertible, at this point.

It feels like the beginnings of Watergate all over again. Starting oh so slowly, but building, building... until no more amount of marketing tactics or propaganda can cover the naked truths now beginning to come to the light of day. Rumsfeld, Scooty, Alberto... it's all unraveling, isn't it?

Iran, I'd say you'd best be feelin' a little nervous, right about now.


Blogger willowtree said...

Do you think anything will happen to him really? It seems like many people are trying to keep up the suspicion and investigation, but that little twit president....
whats up with Karl Rove and the woman not being questioned under oath Isnt that a bit shady?

12:28 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

I guess that "some people", have a little trouble with the truth, hence the reticence at answering a few simple questions under oath.


(I still think it's all unraveling, though. 'Berto will soon "decide to spend more time with the family", as they say.)

10:56 PM  

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