Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's Fitzmas In March !!!

Ok, I'm a day or so late in this posting, but as Queen said, "Another one bites the dust"! Scooter went down for lying in the attempt to cover up and obstruct justice concerning a lawful investigation (and believe me, they've got a lot to cover up). I bet things are a little frazzled over there up in the 'ol White House. And Darth Cheney, boy there's a guy its all coming down on, right about now! Back to the batcave for awhile for the Darthster, hiding away from the press; but it may be too late; it's all unravelling, and paper shredders must be flying like crazy! This could open some more doors, if Scooty makes a deal with prosecutor Patrick "Elliot Ness" Fitzgerald in order to lessen his sentence, by turning the tables on the master conspirators (Shrub, the Darthster, and "Butterbean" Karl Rove).

What could take the spotlight off the Gang of Three, you say? Why a nice springtime bombing of Iran! Let's put 'em all under the spotlight of Justice, and then let that take its course, before they decide to begin, "Iraq; the Sequel". I mean, I do like Iranian cinema, but c'mon now!


Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

Darth Cheney!
I love it. I'm gonna use that.

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