Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Divine Providence

An interesting thing occurred at work today. It was related to some things that had happened yesterday, in that yesterday I had completed a straightforward phone interview with a client, including making the accompanying notes in the database. It seems that when this interview was later reviewed by my direct supervisor, the notes involved were not showing in the database. I explained to her that I had indeed included notes, and I could not really explain why they were not there in the record. We have also been experiencing some systems problems in our databases within the last few days, which I of course brought up to my supervisor as a possibility, but being the "thinking" type, she immediately dismissed this possibility, telling me, "not to do this again". Needless to say, I detailed the whole situation for the dept. supervisor shortly thereafterward, with the inclusion that I felt that the chastisement for doing, in my view, my job correctly, was inappropriate. The dept. supervisor seemed to agree with this.

Well, today, as I was working on another interview, I went to make a note, and lo and behold, what popped up on my screen was the older note in question, coming over it seems from a completely different database I'd used yesterday. We are really having some major systems problems here as of late! I was able to actually show the strange occurrence to the dept. supervisor to prove my case. I had been hoping for some way to show that my explanation for the lack of previous notes was indeed correct; that I had in fact made the notes in question, but they had just disappeared unexplainedly for some reason. Well, here they were back again, in the totally wrong place within the system, and impossible to have landed there but for a database system gone terribly wrong. It was almost as if the hand of God had come down, and plugged them back somewhere into the system (or at least had retrieved them from their hiding place), so that they would appear once again, proving that what I had said originally was in fact the truth.

Sometimes God will show up on your side, even if some muddle-headed paper pusher tries to ruin your day for you!


Blogger willowtree said...

"muddle-headed paper pusher" hahaha. Im glad everything worked out for you. Your supervisor should not have dismissed a possible reason so quickly.

7:47 AM  
Blogger willowtree said...

Oh, by the way- I have and like best the version of When you say nothing at all by Alison Krauss too. Ive heard another version by an all female singing group, but I didnt like it as much as hers. I also have a recording of her singing Babymine from Dumbo. That's not half bad either.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Sometimes I can really identify with that "Dilbert" character when stuff like this happens, which is becoming all too frequent...

I think I've heard that song also by Randy Travis, and a few other people, but Allison Krauss's version is the best. All of her bluegrass stuff with Union Station is really good too.

1:09 PM  

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