Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tenk You Veddy Much!

"That's one big hat, pardna"

Right when I am supposed to be back at my graduate studies, and also some upcoming T.A. duties, I become obsessed with something based upon my previous posting. Now I think that Andy Kaufman could maybe still be alive (?). There's a fair amount of info out on the Web pointing in this direction, including a very interesting website. That site is fascinating! Now, I don't know. I even checked out a 1999 biography on Andy, as I became very interested in what exactly made (makes?) him tick. The Kaufman Lives site is being run by an "Enrique", who also calls himself KING. Not, as he says, a king, or the king, but KING ("Enrique" is a name known to have been used by Kaufman as one of his many, many characters and put-ons). KING, as in Elvis was the King?(Andy loved Elvis). KING as in Kaufman Is Not Gone?

Whatever the deal is, I loved his work. He never wanted anyone to call him a comedian, and would reprimand anyone who did. He preferred the term, "song and dance man". In one of his early appearances on his college television station, he became "distraught" over "bombing" in this early appearance. No one was laughing at the (awful) jokes, and he began to berate the studio audience, saying, "I need this job you rich bastards, I'm trying to work my way through college". Then, he pulled out a gun and fired it at his own head, just as the host of this campus talk show tackled him to prevent the suicide. They immediately cut to a station break, and when they returned, Andy is sitting up on the stage conversing with the host in the Johhny Carson-like setting, as if nothing had happened, in his very genial, polite Andy personality. The guy did stuff like this all through his network TV career, and he was absolutely fearless. The number of "fights", "arguments", and other outrageous behaviors that he pulled off on network TV was truly extraordinary.

He told several people he would fake his own death, as the ultimate "stunt". He stated he would pull it off in the exact way that he supposedly died, in 1984, before said event occurred(?) He played with reality and illusion, and he wanted to be known as the ultimate performer; to do what no one else ever would, or could, do. He wanted to be KING, like Elvis, but then again, not a king, not the king, but KING.

It seems that Andy can be reached at: I've already sent in my email. Haven't heard back yet; one rumour is that he lives amongst the Amish, and therefore does not use modern technology. He communicates back to the website and by email, through a mediator. I'll be waiting here, graduate studies piling up.


Blogger willowtree said...

Has he written back as yet? I remember seeing something that Andy Kaufman was on...I think he threw a chair or had a fight with someone? Something like that. Then once on PrimeTime they spoke of him not going to a doctor, but a 'healer' of sorts. That's all I really remember abou Andy Kaufman. It is weird that he died the way he said he would fake his death though.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Nah, he hasn't written back as of yet. I take it to be because Amish life is full of threshing the hay and such, so he doesn't have too much time to get with the Web mediator.
I also remember seeing a clip of him on an old David Letterman where he told this wrestler that wrestling was fake. The wrestler slapped him very, very hard in the face. You could hear it. Couches turned over, Letterman jumped away, shocked, and they cut to commercial. When back, Andy, very upset, vowed to sue, screaming at the guy, saying how powerful, how rich he (Andy) was. Turns out, years later, that this was all a put-on (although Letterman didn't know). It was fantastic!

Andy did go to a healer in the Phiilipines when he was "dying"(?).
They pulled a clump of something out of him, but it's well known that that is essentially a magic trick, using animal parts or something. Now, why would he do that, almost certainly knowing that this is just an old con?

So many mirrors!

9:29 PM  
Blogger willowtree said...

Yes, that was the one- the wrestler. How funny would it be if he faked his death- for real? haha

6:07 PM  
Blogger Dan Gillis III said...

good stuff

9:51 AM  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

wow, that's fascinating!

9:52 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

That website seems to be hinting that Andy might be coming back on Nov. 18 on HBO and TBS (Comic Relief). That really would be something, huh?

11:54 PM  
Blogger AGK said...

"If I Faked It" by Andy Kaufman. (If I Faked It Dot Com) for details.

2:09 AM  
Blogger AGK said...

"If I Faked It" by Andy Kaufman.
For details visit "If I Faked It Dot Com"

2:10 AM  
Anonymous CEC said...

New updates about Andy Kaufman faking his death to consider:
April Applauds Andy Kaufman

Bob Zmuda's Truth Finally

Trailer for Andy Kaufman book

7:04 PM  

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