Friday, December 23, 2005

King George II, Supreme Monarch

The wiretapping of American citizens, without the benefit of judicial court warrant and judicial court review and approval, now seems to be the new "law" of the land, under George II . Leading presidential scholars and experts are aghast that a sitting president has for the first time actually admitted to committing a felony act while currently in office. And this new power is based upon what? None of the B-Team has been able to give a sufficient answer to this, other than it has now become an inherent right of the President to do whatever he wants in a time of "war", or, that Congress gave over this right to the President when it sanctioned him to use force (are wiretaps "force"?) if necessary to defend the nation with regard to Iraq and/or terrorism (and Iraq was never a threat, despite the "irrefutable" evidence waved about by Powell, or blathered on about by Rumsfeld).

Which war are we talking about, because as far as I can tell, Congress, which has the sole legal right to declare war, has not yet done so with regard to Iraq, The War on Terror, The Boogeymen That Live Under My Bed, the land of Narnia, wherever that place is that Harry Potter lives, nor against any one else, real or imaginary. The only declared war now seems to be the war upon civil liberties, which is now out in full force.

Don't buy into the rhetoric that this is all necessary for your protection. The previous checks and balances system of court warrant and judicial review already covered all contingencies, including the allowance for immediate wiretaps in an emergency, to be followed up with a subsequent review and/or approval or denial. Even Nixon couldn't get away with this stuff! The President is angry about the leaking of this "secret" program? Yeah, angry that he got caught, because this is a serious and criminal violation of the rights of the American people. The Congress must investigate this matter immediately, and begin the process for impeachment . We are a nation of laws, not of men, and no man, including the President, is above the law. The fight for freedom, it seems, will now begin at home.


Blogger willowtree said...

Frank, you forgot to wish Merry Christmas to that guy who has been monitoring your blog. He can't figure out where you hid the WMDs so the least you can give him is a merry christmas.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

You're right, Willowtree, I did forget. We'll call him Mr. X, and friends. Merry Christmas Mr. X (and Happy Holidays too!). I hope someone sends you and your friends a copy of the Constitution, wrapped in a pretty red bow!

12:16 PM  

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