Friday, December 02, 2005

Where Have I Been?

So, where have I been lately? Did I swallow some ether? Was I imprisoned for naughty behavior? Or maybe just out rolling around on my beach ball, perhaps? No, I've just been busy with the last remaining weeks of school. I still have a 25 pg. paper due in about a week, and also a presentation to prepare for. It's been a little hectic, but it'll soon be over!

Does anyone remember Curious George? Curious George taught me how to read through his books, and I still collect Curious George items. I remember how George's curiosity would always get the better of him, and The Man in The Yellow Hat would always come to his rescue and save him from his predicaments. You'd read the books and feel that you were Curious George, exploring new things, getting lost, and getting into trouble. I'm still curious about everything even today, but now I hardly ever get lost, and I rarely get into too much trouble!


Blogger Åñèè§å said...

that must have been a really old book or something....then again i don't read much so i won't know....n e way good luck with school

11:10 PM  
Blogger willowtree said...

I still have a curious george book or two in my bookcase :). You know that next year a curious george movie is coming out next year?
Curious George was one of the characters my mom loved to read to us. And then we could do it for ourselves.
Good luck with your 25 pages!

7:45 PM  
Blogger willowtree said...

thought you might find this funny:


8:30 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

That's hilarious!! Uncurious George, without a care in the world!

I like the phrasing on the bottom, just like a real Curious George book. I saw one at Barnes and Noble this weekend, and spent 10 min. thumbing through it. I remember exactly those stories and the illustrations!

11:24 PM  

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