Monday, August 22, 2005

Tonight I Can Blog

Some of you might remember a posting from a while back, "Tonight I Can Write", a beautiful poem by Pablo Neruda. While I'll never have the talent and abilities of a Neruda, what I can do is wear a shirt; a T-shirt from Blogger, as I blog about this or that, or the other. I ordered this T-shirt from Blogger today, and I will wear it from time to time as I blog (I'm starting to feel like "Diddy" now, announcing to the world every minor, mundane step of my life that I take). Will the quality of my blog stories and reports now improve? It could very well be; it remains to be seen.

I also ordered off of Ebay on Saturday a laptop that is supposed to have a wireless card installed in it. It's an older, refurbished corporate laptop. I paid a total of $188 for this baby! My ancient desktop PC at home has been crashed for quite a while now, so I blog where I can, at work, at the library, or just on the run. $188! Will I be happy with the product once I receive it? Or will I be the unhappy victim of a tremendous con. If this thing ends up sucking, I suppose I can always cry into my new Blogger T-shirt!

I also won about $120 at the slot machines at our local casinos on Sunday, so I look at my laptop purchase as being either a really great deal, or, possibly, a well-built paperweight, bought for essentially a cost of $68.

Please don't be a paperweight!


Blogger willowtree said...

You got a computer for $188? That's a really good deal. How did you manage that? I remember once I tried to buy a laptop on ebay. I watched it for two days, and then, when there was 5 minutes left to go, I put my bid in.

Of course I lost because someone put their bid in at 1 minute left. I was shocked for days. They didnt have sniper service back then though because I wouldve used it!
I hope it's not a bad egg, I dont think it will be, if you won $120 and you got a snazzy new blogger T shirt, you must be on an upswing of luck.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

I don't buy much on ebay (more on, but there seems to be a whole strategy of sorts on timing of bids, and when you buy, etc. This item was a "Buy It Now" marked item, so no bidding was needed. I tried to buy something once, with one minute left, and then there were almost 8 people in front of me suddenly, outbidding me for a CD, I think it was. I like "Buy It Now" on ebay much better, as it works more like
This laptop is several yrs. old, but for my purposes; school, internet (and hopefully Wireless, as claimed), and of course, blogging, it should work ok (I hope!)They still have some I believe, if you're interested (Panasonic Laptops).

3:41 PM  
Blogger Åñèè§å said...

wow....well i'm thinking of ectering a contest to win 1 LOL i don't know if'll i'll win it or not but its worth a try....ahh well good luck with ur new/old laptop

9:27 PM  

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