Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gone Gone Gonzo And A Tag

...what a goofball...

By now, most everyone has heard yesterday's news of the resignation of the great man, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. I heard early yesterday morning after getting online quickly before heading off to work. Boy, I had a smile on my face, and a little spring in my step all the live long day! I had just been telling someone recently that it was time to impeach someone, and that Gonzales would be the best candidate to go after. I had imagined him to a friend as a sort of four-legged weird bird, which over the last several weeks and months had three of his legs sequentially blown off, and was now was just sort of spinning about in a circle, kicking away on that one last leg. My suggestion was, let's impeach him, and blow that last leg right on off! Well, it seems Gonzo saw the writing on the wall; he knew that once Congress returned from its recess break that it was most likely to begin to take up initial discussions on his impeachment. So this bird decided to serve himself up; which is just fine,because his crimes will still follow him, and Sen. Patrick Leahy and the Congress will still pursue his many, many violations of the Constitution which he was sworn to uphold.

I wonder how he would hold up under some waterboarding, just to get him to tell the truth for once? He said it's not torture. He essentially approved it for others. I say let's ship him off to Romania to a secret CIA prison, and find out!

And now (like Monty Python said), for something completely different:

Accent – Standard U.S. American (as opposed to the other kinds of American, per Miss Teen Whatever, Caitlin Upton?). I do like using "Y'all" though, meaning all you guys over there. There is no "You" plural in standard English. There is in Spanish and other languages. There should be though, as any Southerner would tell y'all.

I don't drink – Alcohol. Never liked it or developed a taste for it. I subconsciously consider those who lean on it and use it as a crutch (friends and ex-friends included), "weak".

Chore I hate – I hate all chores. I wish I was on vacation 24 hrs. a day. I would take a pile of books, especially classics, to the beach, and just read them all. And there's a lot of them, too.

Pets – I have a Rottweiler/Sheperd/Husky mix named "Sammy". Actually he's my parent's dog, but I see him about once a week. He's a big, dominant dog, who plays with stuffed toys, called his "babies". When you ask him where his "baby" is, he goes searching for one of his little stuffed animals. He's not nice to his babies though. He slowly and eventually tears them apart. One time when he was knawing on a baby, I told him to, "be nice to your babies." He stopped his work to look up at me with a quizzical look on his face, like "Wha?"

Essential Electronics – Laptop for sure. Not too big on electronics I guess, other than the basics of TV, radio/stereo, etc.

Perfume – Are you kidding me? Although, my mother was admiring the smell of my underarms just the other day. I had bought a new deodorant, and it does smell pretty darn good.

Gold or silver - Like Willowtree, I much prefer silver or white gold to gold, in terms of how it looks.

Insomnia – I've always thought of myself as a nightowl, but all of this work and school leaves me so tired that I'm beginning to acquire a pretty conventional schedule. I miss the 2 a.m. reading, blogging, and listening to conspiracy radio programs in the middle of the night.

Job Title – Professional Student and Medical Supplies Delivery Specialist I (OK, I made up the "Specialist I" part)

Most Admired Trait – The trait I most admire would probably be a quiet certitude, based in someone who knows who they are and what they are about, and who reflects that in a confident yet humble way. I don't know if I have that; I work toward it. The trait I feel I like most about myself is an intensity about what I think and feel, that I don't see much in many others. It's taken me to, amongst other things, earning 2 college degrees, from a family in which no one had ever graduated from high school.

Kids – I love kids. Love 'em. I think that if angels exist, then children are God's angels, placed here upon earth so that we can learn from them.

Phobia – Public speaking, although I've gotten better at this with practice in graduate school. Also Clowns. I really don't fear much anymore, which is not a boast. I thought about that recently. I think it is from my study/practice of Buddhism, Taoism, and the teachings of Jesus.

Religion – Well, I could just start another blog post here, but I won't. I'm currently reading the "Tao Te-Ching", which I would say summarizes my beliefs concerning that which is greater than myself. I am also a Christian, who believes that the original teachings have been misconstrued and misused, up until this very day. I would not trust most Christians of today, unfortunately.

Siblings – One brother. If you count the dog, then 2 brothers. I count the dog.

Time I wake up – Around 6-6:30 am. Sometimes I don't really get moving though until 7:30-almost 8am!

Unusual talent/skill – I can literally be in a mansion early in the day, and in the projects in the afternoon, and I can get along with and relate well with whomever I meet throughout the day. Not that I like all of them. And, as a generality though, those with more can many times be more difficult to deal with.

Vegetable I refuse to eat – Beets. Beets are a favorite of "The Office's" Dwight Schrute, whose family grows them. A beet I will not eat.

Worst habit – "My worst habit is that I just care too much." I love that self-serving answer. It's like that apology - "I'm sorry that you were so dense that you miscontrued my completely noble intentions, you moron. I really am sorry about that (meaning you being so dense)." Always love the non-apology apology, also.

My worst habit is not directly answering the question or issue.

X-rays – Bring 'em on. Millions of them went through my body today, sent by the power of the Sun. I got nothing to hide.

My favorite meal – It'd probably have to be Italian food, and of that, probably lasagna, again like Willowtree. I don't have it that much, it being my favorite meal. That probably is as it should be, though. Its rarity in my life probably demonstrates its unique position at the top of my food pyramid


Blogger willowtree said...

Frank you did the tag! That's so great, I enjoyed reading your answers a lot.
Im thinking that at some point in life, lasagna is a favorite everyone who can chew and taste.
I knew you would be very happy with goofy resigning. No Supreme Court for him.
I like the no chore idea. At the very least, if you ever happen upon a genie you would have a head start on your wishes!

9:02 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

I enjoyed doing the tag. It was fun and a break from the dreadful world of politics. If Gonzales now takes on the career of Genie, I'll make my wish to him. I think he still has a few weeks left. Probably send me to Guantanamo, with a copy of his "Autobiography" to read as I look at the beach thru the fence. Eechh!!!

10:29 PM  
Blogger GC said...

re listening to conspiracy radio programs
that has inspired me. Very interesting.

I LOL'd (or is it L'dOL) about your dog's babies.
Oh, and beets are great. They taste just like corn.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

I used to listen to the Art Bell show on overnight radio; UFO's, Bigfoot, the New World Order, it was great! It's gone now, but a similar show has now taken it's place, and I believe it is national.

8:23 PM  

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