Monday, June 06, 2005

Little People, Be Kind To Me!

Here's another little story somewhat related in theme to my previous post. Just a few years ago, I was doing a little bit of shopping at Target. I was behind the cash registers, and I remember just standing there, as I had just walked in, and I was trying to determine which direction to go in order to get what I had come in for (which I have no idea what that was now, but no matter). Right as I had determined which direction I should take, amidst a sea of peoples moving back and forth around me, I remember that, just as, but prior to, the fact that my right leg was going to take its initial step in the proper direction toward my desired goods, something wrapped around my leg, causing me some concern, and a little confusion. As I looked down, I noticed that a very small, maybe 2 year old girl, was holding tightly to my leg, very tightly (or, as tightly as a 2 year old can hold), with her face buried into the side of my knee. What had happened was that her about 4 year old brother(?), or someone along these lines, had been taunting and teasing her, poking at her, and she had reached toward the nearest limb in the vicinity to hold onto for protection. I had managed to see out of the corner of my eye an object moving toward my leg, right before she had clamped on to me. Well, needless to say, in this day and age, a 200 lb. man does not touch a little girl who is not a relative, or whom he does not know. Therefore, I just stood there, immobilized by the child, as she held on to me, seemingly for an eternity, but really not for that very long. I kind of looked around sheepishly for any mother, or someone, to maybe notice their child, and to perhaps say something, but apparently no mother was around. The little girl finally decided to let go, and she and her brother then just moved along. I think now that she was laughing a little bit as the two just walked away, with taunting turning into playing. She never looked up at me, the two just moved on their way, hopefully to where their parents were. And I was then freed to go buy my paper plates, or whatever I had went into that Target for!


Blogger willowtree said...

Hehe, that was a cute story, really though, where were the parents? What if you werent you? Someone could have easily snatched her up. Well, I guess it's good she didnt bite you or anything. :)

6:49 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

I really wondered where the parents were also. You can't let 'em out of your sight for a single second these days. So, it's always suprising and a bit disconcerting when kids are wondering around unattended. I have had a tetanus shot before though, so I was covered if she bit...

4:16 PM  

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