Monday, January 10, 2005

Days of Rage

The last few days have been somewhat stressful, and I find myself a little more on edge than ususal, a little more willing to defend myself stridently in what I perceive to be unjust situations, than I perhaps usually would be. If I'm able to make this upcoming trip to New Mexico, I'm hoping that this will relieve some of the tension, but the weather may possibly cancel my plans; we'll have to see on this. If I have to stay home, I'll use the time to do some scholarship research, relax a little, do some final pleasure reading (if you call Daniel Dennett pleasure reading) before school starts up again, and plan some academic strategy for the coming semester. I really doubt if I'll visit my academic dept. or advisor before the beginning of classes, don't see the point in this right now. My success will come from my work; no one else has an investment in it, or really cares about it except me, and I am sufficient to the task without the need to sniff around seeking favor from anyone. Let others impress by cutting and pasting thoughts and ideas that they have no underlying understanding of, original thought and action will always beat out stale platitude and buzz word usage in the long run. This semester, I'm unleashing my full capacity, and if ya havent' read up on what I have, it is indeed going to noted and brought to public attention. I am prepared for battle, and I don't intend to lose.


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