Friday, January 07, 2005

Narrowing The Plans

In analyzing options for my Jan. 12-17 time off, it's beginning to look more like I'll probably be driving down to New Mexico in my car, which I hope will be up to the task. I don't think I want to drive all day anywhere, so I think on day one (Wed.) I'll do about 4 hours, stopping in Alamosa maybe for the night. I want to see the Stations of the Cross in San Luis on this first day. On day 2 (Thurs.),I'll continue on to Santa Fe, which should take somewhere around 5 hours, and spend the day and night there. On day 3 (Fri.), I'll begin to head back, through Espanola and up to the Jicarilla reservation, where I'll stop at the visitor center and take in some info. On the evening of day 3, I'd like to end up somewhere near Great Sand Dunes Nat'l. Monument, near Alamosa, because on the morning of day 4 (Sat.), I want to go to the dunes, and climb them. I hope the Dunes park is open in January, I'll have to check on this. If not, I'll find something else to do in the area, maybe learn more about San Luis. Then, later in day 4 I'll begin the return trip back to Denver. That's 3 nights lodging, gas and food, so it shouldn't be that expensive. I might spend the night at the Jicarilla reservation if possible, in order to have a little more time there. If I want to see the dunes at sunrise though, I'll probably have to spend the last night in Alamosa again.


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